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Bobblehead Gallery

In 2005 the Bill Gladstone Group decided it was time to transform the group’s marketing and branding efforts and proposed the creation of a customized bobblehead for Bill Gladstone. Initially, Bill was slightly hesitant but he charged ahead and ordered 1,000 bobbleheads. Designed from a sketch and a photo, Bill’s inaugural run of bobbleheads reflected his fashion and business sense, from the black pants and tie to the cellphone and earpiece.

To mark the bobblehead’s 10th anniversary, the Bill Gladstone Group released the second incarnation of the Bill Gladstone Bobblehead (Bobble 2.0). Keeping in line with Bill’s reputation for always working and being connected, Bobble 2.0 features a Bluetooth, smartphone and tablet. Bobble 2.0 also sports a few more gray hairs of wisdom and wrinkles of experience.

Here you can follow along on his journey throughout central Pennsylvania and beyond…

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