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Marketing Services

One of the most important characteristics of a successful commercial real estate transaction is the marketing program employed to advertise the property. Unfortunately, this is also one of the aspects of real estate that most agents ignore.

Equally as important as the property itself, a well thought out, organized, marketing plan must be set up in order to successfully sell or lease your property. The strategic plan needs to be multi-faceted in its style, proactive in its approach, and comprehensive in its depth in order to have the best chance of success in providing the results you will want to see.

Our team strives to utilize every appropriate medium available to market our properties to potential tenants/buyers. Every property we list goes through a rigorous brainstorming period in which we establish a twelve month plan to outline exactly how we will market the property during every week in the year.

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Digital Marketing:

Broadcast E-mails
• New Property
• Group News
• Property Update
• Property Specific
• eProperty Update

Web Sites
• (current page)
• plus many others…

Radio Spots
• 30 Second Radio Spot (970 KB)
• 10 Radio Spot (380 kb)

Social Media
• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• YouTube
• CREOpoint

Traditional Marketing:

Group Publications
• Harrisburg Commercial Real Estate Review (our magazine)
• Commercial Real Estate Report (our newsletter)

• Property Postcards
• Network Postcard

Other Items
• Monthly Mailings
• Marketing Reports
• Newspaper Advertisement

Object Marketing:

• Bill Gladstone Bobblehead
• Object Marketing Details
General Marketing:

• Property Signs
• Networking
• Example of a Proposal for Brokerage Services